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The Chase

The Chase
Working in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council to develop exciting opportunities for independent living and employment in a variety of industries including Catering and Hospitality.

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The Chase, part of South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, provides a dedicated, selfcontained educational resource, in the Stroud Valleys. We are focussed on nurturing and developing young people requiring highneeds support who have a passion for learning catering, hospitality and enterprise, whilst also gaining the skills required to succeed and contribute within society.

The Chase

At The Chase, we offer holistic and unique provision that develops skills, confidence, resilience and self-esteem. This enables young people to foster and develop their independent life skills.

We are committed to providing learners with an inclusive curriculum and the emotional and personal support to enable them to achieve qualifications and progress into pathways that are tailored to their individual needs, including supported employment, independent living, further education or full employment.

From the moment of entry into The Chase, our Work Coaches will work with learners to prepare and place them in work experience settings in line with their aspirations.

The Chase will also include a mock flat so that learners can gain confidence in independent living and learn to manage confidently within a home. Independent living skills will be taught accessing these unique and specialist resources.

Our overarching ethos is that we want all of our learners to make excellent progress and we provide access to a comprehensive study programme that enables them to achieve accredited qualifications and, as importantly, build those important skills that help them into independent living and, eventually, the world of work.

We recognise that every individual is unique and each study programme is adapted to suit the learner’s specific requirements.

An invitation to The Chase Open Day

Saturday 14 April 10am-12pm
at SGS College, Stroud Campus, Stratford Road, Stroud

We look forward to welcoming you to our first Chase Open Event at SGS College, Stroud Campus, where you’ll be able to speak with course specialists, partake in a campus tour and see the development and plans of our new purpose-built kitchen

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Study Programme Pathways

The primary ethos of the curriculum content at The Chase has been designed to enable all of our learners to make excellent progress so that they can reach their full potential and move onto independence, employment, or both. With this in mind, we have designed an inclusive curriculum which is personalised and focusses on the development of academic, emotional, social, employability and independent living skills.

The Chase learners will have access to courses which will help them to achieve nationally recognised qualifications to assist them in gaining employment but will also help to promote independent living skills. All learners will study programmes that have been designed to accommodate their educational and emotional needs, with all courses designed around reaching the full potential of every learner.

The College will develop a personalised programme for each learner with a clear route of progression and these programmes will incorporate specific personalised delivery around the EHCP outcomes of each learner.

There will be three main pathways, with a final transition pathway, which will focus on the skills that the learners need to enable them to move onto either suitable employment, education and/or independent living.

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PATHWAY 1: Catering & Hospitality Vocational Pathway

This pathway will incorporate a learning programme which supports them in gaining a Hospitality and Catering NVQ with learners working through units in Health and Safety, Communication in the Workplace, Housekeeping, Food Service and Preparation. Learners on this programme could move onto employment or our transitions pathway which will offer a supported internship in hospitality or catering.

City and Guilds Level 1 NVQ Certificate in Hospitality is the traditional qualification for the industry and is readily recognised throughout the country. Learners can complete the whole award or some units as appropriate.

PATHWAY 2: Vocational Pathway

This pathway will incorporate a learning programme which supports learners in gaining vocational qualifications.

Learners will be able to study for an Ascentis Step-Up Progression qualification which would include a choice of vocational pathways such as Construction, Graphic Art/Art and Design, Horticulture and Retail/Enterprise and Business. Learners on this pathway can move onto further education or progress onto the Transitions Pathway which will offer a work placement in an area of their choice on a supported internship.

PATHWAY 3: Independent Living Pathway

This pathway will incorporate specialist skills which will help learners to develop their independence within the home and community.

Learners will be working towards an Ascentis Independent Living qualification which would include safety in the community, managing money, laundry routines and many more aspects of independent living.

Learners on this pathway will move onto our Transition Pathway which will continue to build independence and personal and social development skills. Learners may be able to make the steps to move into supported independent living.

COMPLETION:  Transition Pathway

This pathway prepares and supports learners in their final year as they transition into employment/supported internships, training or education and move onto living as independently as they can. This pathway will increase the learner’s employability and independent living skills. The course will be delivered in classrooms, in independent living space/accommodation and by using the local community to access Job Centre, public transport etc.

Work Experience

All learners will undertake a relevant work experience placement in the catering or hospitality industry or another relevant area.

During their final year, for some learners, this could be part of a supported internship employment programme. The development of our current internship programme and work experience settings has led to close working relationships with local organisations that carefully match the needs of the learners with an appropriate employer.

Each placement is linked to the learner’s individual goals, reflecting the likely employment they will progress to on leaving the College

The Chase will provide a rich and varied curriculum with an important aspect of the delivery focussed around communication, social and living skills, leading to increased independence. All learners will study English and maths functional skills and both English and maths will be embedded in curriculum delivery Learners will be well supported during their time at The Chase with Personal Tutors, access to Job Coaches during their work placements, In-class Support Workers, (Speech and language therapy) SALT and appropriate therapies focussed on emotional and behavioural support. All learners will participate in mindfulness/well-being sessions during their college day. All learners will have weekly PE sessions at Stroud Leisure Centre. They can enjoy yoga, swimming, football, tennis and a variety of sports and activities. Learners will also have access to a gym at college and support with healthy eating and understanding nutritional choices.

Enrichment Opportunities

Our excellent enrichment programme will be developed with a variety of interesting and useful activities which contribute to the learners’ enjoyment and achievement, as well as their personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

The Chase

Enrichment activities will be a key component of the individualised and developmental curriculum offer at The Chase. Learners will be able to access creative arts, hair and beauty, media, animal management, conservation, construction, computing and games design and music/choir practice. These sessions will either be discrete or a learner could progress onto their chosen enrichment area as part of their transition onto a mainstream programme.

In addition to the above, learners will be able to develop their independence by having access to a simulated flat, a shop where they can sell products that they have designed and made through enterprise and work schemes, as well as the opportunity to grow their own produce in The Chase gardens.

Personalised Support

The Chase will provide access to support as identified within a learner’s individual educational health care plan and our ethos will be to positively embrace therapies that work collaboratively to remove barriers to learning and independence.

Learners will benefit from their own bespoke therapy package that is continuously monitored and adjusted to their needs.

In addition to personalised support through therapists, learners at The Chase also have their own Personal Development Coach focused on their curriculum performance, individual 1:1 support where it has been identified and access to Work Coaches who work with each learner and their relevant Local Authority, assisting them to undertake work experience whilst at The Chase and prepare for their transition back into their respective communities.

The Chase has a dedicated Manager with experience in delivering aspirational learning to learners with high-support needs.


On completion of this course, learners may have the opportunity to take up paid employment in a variety of industries, including the catering and hospitality industry, or, if learners feel they need to develop their employability skills further they can progress on to our Supported Internship programme (depending on set criteria).

The Chase

The Facilities

The Chase will be housed in our brand new state-of-the-art facilities opening in September 2018.

SGS College Stroud

In our industry standard training kitchen, learners will develop professional skills and gain the techniques required to work in the modern hospitality and catering industry.

The Chase will have its own secure entrance with access for mini-buses to collect/drop off at the door. The centre will also include therapy suites, 1:1 tutor rooms and an IT suite.

Learners will continue their studies in our courtyard where they will have access to a kitchen garden, polytunnels and a small animal unit.

Learners will also have access to the wider SGS, Stroud Campus facilities where they will experience a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Facilities include:

The Chase Mock Up The Chase Mock Up The Chase Mock Up
Ground floor, fully accessible location with dedicated independent branded entrance A brand new commercial training kitchen fitted to City and Guilds standards, each work station benefiting from cooking, preparation and wash-up areas Flexible multi-use vocational training facility
Dedicated base room and classroom Training space for independent living skills Modern educational support facilities, refectory, WC’s, first aid and reception services
Direct access to gardens and landscaped external areas, including raised beds, allotment and polytunnels Access to SGS Stroud Campus learning environments, including Learning Resource Centre, Art, Music, IT and Performing Arts Free learner support car parking and dedicated mini bus drop off and parking

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