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Subsidised Bus Information

Eurocoaches (Subsidised Bus)

South Gloucestershire & Stroud (SGS) College is passionate about providing the local community with easy access to an education, be that post school or as an adult.

SGS is investing heavily to enable this to happen by providing a subsidised bus service (£1 per journey).

Fare Payments

Please note that cash cannot be paid on this service.

A travel card, priced at either £5 (5 Journeys) or £10 (10 Journeys), will need to be purchased either from the Filton or WISE Customer Experience Reception team or Finance.

The travel card will be stamped by the driver when you board the bus.

There will be a hold on charging until Monday 17 September to allow you time to purchase a travel card. However, after this date access to the service will not be granted without a valid travel card.

The service will run from the following areas at the times listed:

School days only

Bus stops on request at all stops on route

  • 07.00 - Fishponds (Opposite Straits Parade)
  • 07.05 - Royate Hill (Top)
  • 07.08 - Hurley Hill Garage
  • 07.15 - Regent St, Kingswood
  • 07.20 - Chapel Rd
  • 07.27 - Parkwall Rd (Roundabout)
  • 07.31 - Cadbury Heath Rd/Tower Rd North
  • 07.33 - High St Tower Rd North
  • 07.37 - Anchor Rd/New Cheltenham Rd
  • 07.40 - Teewell Hill (Lights)
  • 07.42 - Richmond Rd
  • 07.45 - Blackhorse Lane/The Trident
  • 07.46 - Badminton Rd/Four Acre Rd
  • 07.47 - Badminton Rd (Layby by Badminton Walk)
  • 07.48 - Bromley Heath Rd (Quakers Rd Junction)
  • 08.05 - SGS Wise Campus, New Rd
  • 08.20 - SGS Filton

The return journey timetable is:

  • 17.15 - SGS Filton
  • 17.22 - SGS Wise Campus, New Rd
  • 17.39 - Bromley Heath Rd (Quakers Rd Junction)
  • 17.40 - Badminton Rd (Layby by Badminton Walk)
  • 17.41 - Badminton Rd/Four Acre Rd
  • 17.42 - Blackhorse Lane/The Trident
  • 17.45 - Richmond Rd
  • 17.47 - Teewell Hill (Lights)
  • 17.50 - Anchor Rd/New Cheltenham Rd
  • 17.52 - High St Tower Rd North
  • 17.53 - Cadbury Heath Rd/Tower Rd North
  • 17.55 - Parkwall Rd (Roundabout)
  • 18.00 - Chapel Rd
  • 18.05 - Regent St, Kingswood
  • 18.07 - Hurley Hill Garage
  • 18.15 - Royate Hill (Top)
  • 18.20 - Fishponds (Straits Parade)

*Times are dependent on traffic

SGS from Fishponds Road (opposite Straits Parade), Gordon Road, Gordon Avenue, Whitehall Road, Speedwell Road, Plummers Hill, Bell Hill Road, Two Mile Hill Road, Regent Street, Hanham Road, Lower Hanham Road, Chapel Road, High Street, Bath Road, Watson Road, Shellards Road, Parkwall Road, Cadbury Heath Road, Tower Road South, Tower Road North, Deanery Road, Tennis Court Road, Anchor Road, Station Road, Teewell Hill, Broad Street, Mangotsfield Road, St James Place, Richmond Road, Blackhorse Road, Blackhorse Lane, Badminton Road, Cleeve Hill, Bromley Heath Road, A4174 Ring Road, A4174 Filton Road, Great Stoke Way, Foxden Road, Brierly Furlong, New Road, Foxden Road, Geat Stoke Way, Station Road, Filton Roundabout, Gloucester Road SGS Filton College South Bound.

No service during college holidays or on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays.

The service is operated by Eurocoaches (Tel: 0330 311 4853) on behalf of SGS College commencing from Tuesday 28th August and operating during term time only.

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