South Gloucestershire and Stroud College.
Higher, Professional, Technical.
Outstanding by standing out

Our Vision and Mission


The vision of South Gloucestershire and Stroud College is:

"To be outstanding by standing out"


South Gloucestershire and Stroud College's Mission Statement is:

"We positively change people's lives and add value to the social and economic wellbeing of our communities. We do this by providing high quality, innovative, accessible education and training in a friendly culture of mutual respect and support."


  1. To be recognised as an outstanding College.
  2. To be visionary and innovative in providing educational opportunities by anticipating and meeting demand.
  3. To enhance the quality of the experience we provide for our learners and our staff.
  4. To develop responsive partnerships with all our learners, employers, and all our stakeholders.
  5. To ensure we have the necessary resources to support our Plan.
  6. To provide an educational and training environment which is equipped for the delivery of high quality learning.


We provide an essential service for our communities and will act with honesty, respect, responsibility and care. Our core values are:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Care

To uphold these values we will display the following behaviours:


  • We will uphold nationally accepted standards of business conduct
  • We will engender and support a culture of openness
  • We will act with impartiality and fairness in our dealings with learners, staff and all others with whom we do business.
  • We will publish approved Corporation and Committee meeting minutes on our web-site


  • We will recognise and uphold the traditions and cultures of our learners and staff
  • We will treat each individual with integrity and dignity
  • We will be our learners preferred choice
  • We will listen to the voice of our learners and staff
  • We will be our suppliers preferred customer
  • We will be a trusted member in all our alliances
  • We will be a source of pride to our local community


  • We will promote inclusivity for all with no barriers to enrolment or achievement
  • We will endeavour to provide the best education and training in the region
  • We will add value to our learners
  • We will set and achieve targets to be the best.
  • We will celebrate success
  • We will provide effective leadership
  • We will provide a cohesive organisational structure
  • We will develop a well informed and empowered workforce
  • We will develop a skilled, qualified and flexible workforce
  • We will ensure appropriate resources are provided to meet current and future requirements
  • We will recognise and reward high performance appropriately
  • We will be a learning organisation
  • We will ensure financial stability and solvency
  • We will provide value for money


  • We will place the learner at the centre of everything we do
  • We will match each learners ability to appropriate courses
  • We will ensure a safe environment
  • We will endeavour to minimise all health and safety risks
  • We will promote good health for all
  • We will understand and exceed our learners expectations
  • We will support and encourage each learner to succeed, progress and achieve their ambitions


The educational character of South Gloucestershire and Stroud College can be expressed as:

We are a college in and for the community, providing a wide range of learning opportunities where:

  • Learners are treated as individuals and can progress their journey from the age of 14
  • Courses are provided at every level up to at least Level 3, so learners have a choice which is commensurate with their ability and with delivery to suit their needs
  • Where ambition is fostered and progression is encouraged whether onto further courses, to Higher Education or employment
  • We have a visionary and innovative way of providing appropriate, relevant and innovative learning for all those engaged in classroom-based, work-based and community learning
  • Learners are prepared for employment, or further progression, with the aim of producing well rounded individuals who can fit in and contribute to society
  • There is an inclusive environment for staff and learners with equality of opportunity and where diversity is respected
  • Learning is fun and teaching and learning will excite and inspire
  • The success of learners and staff is championed and celebrated
  • Each individual is treated with integrity, respect and dignity
  • A culture of openness prevails
  • Continuous improvement is expected
  • We are an integral part of the community, responding to and anticipating demand


South Gloucestershire and Stroud College's ethos can be expressed as:

"South Gloucestershire and Stroud College will act in all that it does with honesty, respect, responsibility and care, and to the highest standards of responsible business conduct. It aims to provide an outstanding experience for learners from all traditions and cultures from the age of 14. It will sustain its financial viability to enable it to invest in facilities to support this provision."

SGS College Strategy

College Strategy 2015/16–2019/20 Document