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What a difference a year makes

From a pondering backpacker to a biomedical science student, successful Access to Science learner Kate Cocking is off to university, something she would have only dreamt about doing.

The 30 years old from Filton has just finished an Access to Science course which has enabled her to gain a place at the University of the West of England to study a BSc in Biomedical Science from September.
Kate spent years travelling the world and having various short-term jobs to support herself. Whilst travelling she found herself contemplating a ‘proper’ long-term career and reflected on her passion for science whilst at school 15 years previous.

Kate lacked the confidence in her ability to study at university and feared that she would not cope. Kate’s first thought was to apply for A Levels, however, was put off by the idea of being in a classroom with fresh-faced 16 year old students. Kate continued to research her options online and came across the Access to Science course at SGS College which was especially designed for adults, who like herself, had been out of education for years and was only a year long.

She comments: “For the last 10 months I have studied hard and have found that I have been transformed from a person who lacked confidence, to a fully prepared student excited to start a degree in Biomedical Science.”

“The Access course is tough, but SGS College was a fantastic environment to take on such a challenge. The teachers believe in you and push you to achieve your true potential. I would advise anyone out there considering changing their life to make the call.  It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, it certainly was for me!”

Access Senior Tutor, Sally Iley, said: “Kate has shown total commitment throughout the Access to Science pathway with enthusiasm and energy. Kate has worked tirelessly to follow her goal to study biomedical science at university and her positivity and enthusiasm have been an excellent driving force both for Kate and for her fellow learners.”