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Make positive lifestyle changes with a part-time course at SGS

Looking for a new leisure activity, a boost in your career, or a way to improve your health & wellbeing? SGS College is launching their new part-time course provision, offering a mixture of leisure, professional and creative courses, all tailored to fit around busy lives.

Starting in September 2019, SGS College will offer a wide variety of part time courses to cater for a range of different needs. There are more than 100 courses on offer such as jewellery making, IT for beginners, photoshop, languages, accounting, counselling, fitness instructing, support teaching, massage and more, all starting at various dates and locations throughout the year.

Those interested in discovering what’s on offer can attend one (or both) of the College's two exclusive part-time open events:

SGS Filton: Wed 3 July 17:30–20:00
SGS Stroud: Thur 4 July 17:30–20:00

New research commissioned by found 58% of UK adults wanted to learn a new skill over the past 12 months yet over half will never act on their intentions, with money being a major factor.

To combat financial issues, SGS College’s Money Management Service (MMS) offer a range of schemes and entitlements that can help with things like course fees, food, books, travel and other day to day college costs. MMS even offers an online fee checker where prospective learners can find out course fees and what financial support is available to them.

Part-time courses can be a great way to expand your knowledge, interests, start a new hobby or increase your employability skills.

Roger Curtis, a former university lecturer from Bristol University, has been a part time student at SGS College’s Queen's Road Campus for over 40 years. Speaking about his experience, Roger, who is currently studying a ceramics course, said:

“Part time courses at SGS provide me with an opportunity to develop my practice, in a stimulating environment. There's a really positive aspect to courses here, you work with people studying at different levels in a variety of subjects. Some people studied at college many years ago but choose to continue studying. It's also very uncompetitive. People feel very comfortable and there’s no pressure.

“The college’s staff also have a high level of expertise. They do a fantastic job at providing stimulating projects. I have also found the quality of technical support here is extremely good.

“I've always believed in lifelong learning and this is a wonderful example of it. They'll have to carry me out of here to stop me learning.”

Principal of SGS College Sara-Jane Watkins comments:

“I look forward to welcoming thousands of part time adult learners to SGS, looking for a new challenge. Whatever your reason for learning something new – to take up a new leisure activity, boost your career with professional qualifications, improve your health and wellbeing or to try something completely different – we have the right course for you.”

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