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Guest lecturer for animal science learners

Animal Science learners enjoyed a talk by special guest lecture, Martin Sims, Wednesday 27 February.

Martin, director of investigations at the League Against Cruel Sport, discussed the important work that the charity undertakes, including their campaigns against dog fighting, drag hunting, badger baiting and wildlife crime.

Retired police officer Martin spent 31 years in the force, working his way up to Chief Inspector of Sussex Police, before taking over as head of Britain’s National Wildlife Crime Unit.  Martin is one of the most experienced wildlife crime experts in the country.   He discussed with learners how his team operates covert surveillance on countryside sports and how they have increased the number of prosecutions brought to court.

Speaking about the event, student Asha said:

“I was very interested in the lecture and learned many things. I learned what gameness is, and how drones look for dogs, how animals like buzzards our native species are being shot to save pheasants an imported species.  I discovered that British eels are smuggled from the River Severn to China.”

Classmate Jamie had this to say:

“I found the lecture very interesting and engaging, I learned and was shocked by many things, particularly that dog fighting that exists in Bristol. I also enjoyed the hunting/flushing lecture and how these criminals are brought to court.”

Student Anya said:

“The lecture was very inspiring and educational, I learned many things that are not protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981", e.g. rabbit and rats.  I also learned from the distribution maps that dog fighting is very prevalent.  I also wasn't aware that two dogs are all that is required to be termed a hunt.”