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Full Time Course Joining Instructions

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Education, Health and Care Plan
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Probation Period & Progression
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First day at College - Vocational Courses

Since receiving an offer of a place at SGS College, please click the link below to see when your first day will be:

First day at at College

First day at College - AS Enrolment

Enrolment for AS students will be on Tuesday 27th August 2019 and you should arrive at the 6th Form building (A Block) at the time slot according to the first letter of your surname.

Tues 27th August Surname Time
AS Level A-D 10:30
E-H 11:30
I-M 1:20
N-R 2:30
S-Z 3:30

Important dates for AS students:

  • AS Induction – Mon 2nd and Tue 3rd September
  • Teaching starts – Mon 9th September

First day at College - A2 Enrolment

Enrolment for A2 students will be on Thursday 29th August 2019 and you should arrive at the 6th Form building (A Block) at the time slot provided according to the first letter of your surname.

Thursday 29th August Surname Time
A2 A-F 12:30
G-N 1:30
O-S 2:30
T-Z 3:30

Important dates for A2 students:

  • A2 Induction – Fri 6th September
  • Teaching starts – Mon 9th September

First day at College - GCSE Enrolment

Enrolment for GCSE students will be on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th August 2019 and you should arrive at the 6th Form building (A Block) at the time slot according to the first letter of your surname.

Wednesday 28th August Surname Time
GCSE A-C 9:30
D-G 10:30
H-L 11:30
M-P 1:30
Q-R 2:30
Thursday 29th August Surname Time
GCSE S-V 09:30
W-Z 10:30

Important dates for GCSE students:

  • GCSE Induction – Wed 4th and Thu 5th September
  • Teaching starts – Mon 9th September

What You Need To Bring

Please ensure you bring with you:

  • All your exam results slips / certificates whatever grades received. These are VERY IMPORTANT, as we need your results in order to confirm your course. You WILL NOT be able to enrol if this is not provided.
  • A pen, pencil and paper.
  • A means to pay your fees e.g. cheque (made out to SGS College), cash or credit / debit card.
  • Any other information that you're chosen area of study have asked you to bring.

I Didn't Get the GCSE Results Required For My Course

If you didn't get your expected grades – please do not panic! On GCSE results day we will have members of teaching staff and our careers team available who can discuss your options with you – do not worry, we will have an offer for you.

We will text all applicants on GCSE results day on 22nd August and contact you to confirm your study programme.

Fees and Financial Support Explained

Before you enrol it is important you are fully aware of the costs involved when studying an FE course at college. You can find information regarding fees within your joining instructions or by speaking to a member of your department, finance or the customer experience team.

Remember that it's not just college fees you need to think about, the costs of day to day college life such as travel, equipment and food are also important. To find out more about the financial support schemes that may be available to you, please select one of the below:

Please note: Fees are payable on your first day of college. Information on course fee amounts are detailed on your joining instructions.

Materials Fees: payable by ALL students, except those in receipt of qualifying benefits or who are applying for a fee waiver. This fee covers materials used as part of your course.

Tuition Fees: only payable by students aged 19 years and over on 31st August 2019 who are enrolling in their first year. Students who are enrolling for their second year or topping up and who were under 19 last year, do not pay this fee – please contact us if you are unsure.

Exam Fee: only payable by students aged 19 years and over on 31st August 2019, except those who are applying for a fee waiver or are in their second year and were under 19 last year. This is the actual cost of registering your qualification with the Exam Board/Awarding Body.

Trip Fees: these will not be charged up front, but optional trip fees may be charged throughout the course, depending on your study programme.

Instalment Plan Arrangements

For information on instalment plan options, please contact us on 01179092271 or email for more information on payment methods offered under our instalment plan arrangement. Please be advised that instalment plans may be handed via an external company. Full information on this can be provided.

Financial Support

The Money Management Service (MMS) are here to provide you with all the information, advice and guidance on the financial support that is available while you study a Further Education course with SGS College. In academic year 18/19, the Money Management Service team helped students financially with over two million pounds worth of funding from a variety of sources including bursaries, learner loans and local debt charities.

Our information, advice and guidance also supported over two thousand students to financially afford college fees and day to day college costs. The team can also work with you one to one to help you take practical steps in taking control of your money including setting up realistic budgeting goals and maximising income. To help with this further we run budgeting classes and events throughout the year as well as access to our Student Saver page that provides you with the latest discounts and deals across the region.

Don't be left worrying about the costs of college life, we have a variety of internal and external schemes which may be able to support you to stay in education

For more information and to apply visit or email

*Please note that funding may be limited and we recommending applying for financial support before starting at SGS College.

*Please note financial support from the Money Management Service team rarely covers all fees. You are highly likely to still have fees left to pay even if awarded a bursary or any other form of financial support the MMS team may be able to offer. Please refer to your joining instructions or contact the Money Management Service team.

First Level 2 or 3
If you are aged 19-23 and have not achieved a level 2/3 qualification before you may not need to pay any fees. For more information visit or email

Advanced Learner Loan
If you are aged 19 or over you may be eligible to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan, which covers the cost of your fees. For more information visit or email

Your Financial Data
Please read the SGS College Privacy Statement ( for information on how your financial data may be shared with third parties who provide services including, for example, the provision of Credit Control, Debt Collection and Payment Plan Services (such as Oriel Collections Limited) and/or if under the age of 18 parent(s) or guardian(s) within the same household.

Exams & Exam Re-sits

If you fail to attend an exam or do not give the Exams Department at least 48 hours' notice that you are unable to attend, this will be recorded as a "No Show". Re-sit fees may be charged when you re-sit your exam. The Exams team will confirm any costs when you re-register.

SGS College Holiday & Term Dates 2019/20

Term Time Absence

The College does not support learners taking holiday in term time and will record it as unauthorised absence against your attendance rate. We believe full attendance supports a learner to achieve their full potential.

Please make sure if you are absent from college for any reason you report it using our online form and contact your department.

See Term Dates

Education, Health and Care Plan

If you have an Education, Health & Care Plan as a result of requiring a high level of support for your learning difficulty/disability or physical/sensory disability please let us know by emailing so that we can liaise with the appropriate Local Authority. We will be unable to provide the required support without agreeing provision and funding with the Local Authority first so please get in touch with the Learner Services & Learning Support department and let us know what your needs are.

Taster or Factor Days

If you could not attend your "Taster or Factor Day" – please don't worry. Activities you would have undertaken will be covered during your induction. Please note that some Taster Days will run at the end of August so if you receive a letter inviting you to the College, please attend.

Probation Period & Progression

South Gloucestershire and Stroud College runs a probation system and all learners are classed as being on probation during the first five weeks of their course. During this period, you will be assessed based on attendance, attitude, punctuality, aptitude and performance and this will be clearly stated within your course handbook which is issued to all learners at the start of their course. In addition, to pass your probationary period you will need to have either paid for your course in full or arranged a bursary or instalment plan.

Within your course handbook, it also states what you need to do in order to progress to the next level of your programme. This will be based on end of course achievement, attendance, attitude and disciplinary record.

Learner ID Badges

You will be provided with a valid ID card and lanyard. It is important that you wear this at all times whilst on College premises. The safety of all our learners is paramount to the College ethos and the wearing of ID cards and lanyards is one mechanism of knowing who should and, more importantly, who should not be on site. It is also a key employability skill.

Regular spot checks will be made and any learner who is not wearing their ID will be requested to purchase a replacement at a cost of £2.00. These will be available from our Customer Experience Teams at each of our campuses.

We have many learners who come into College and see this as their only safe haven and we must be able to continue to ensure that they always view it as such.

Failure to comply with regard to wearing a valid ID may result in disciplinary action being taken!

College Parking

SGS College runs a managed parking service at its WISE, Filton and Stroud sites.

The College is committed to ensuring we have a safe parking environment for learners, staff and visitors. The service ensures parking facilities are managed so they are not overloaded beyond capacity with non-users of the facilities and that responsible parking is adhered to.

If you wish to park your vehicle onsite you must register it by 1st October; after this date all parking queries / fines will be managed directly by the parking company CPM UK, not SGS College.

For further information and to register your vehicle please visit the link below:

Please note, parking is run on a first come, first served basis so is not guaranteed at any site.