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College Onsite Parking

Parking charges are live from Monday 13th November 2017.

New College Parking - FAQs

How do I register?

Register for your E-Parking Permit

To set-up your account

  • Use your staff/student ID number as printed on your ID card – for example B12345
  • Use your SGS college e-mail address
  • Create your own memorable password

You should then receive an automatic e-mail notification to activate your account

  • Follow the log-in instructions
  • Enter your vehicle registration number
  • You are able to change your vehicle details should you need to but please note this will be your responsibility to do so

Can I register more than one vehicle?

No, by creating an e-permit account you have the option to log back in and change the registration number. Only one vehicle can be registered so it is your responsibility to update your account should you decide to use a different vehicle at any time.

Why are you introducing the scheme?

SGS College is introducing a managed parking service at its WISE, Filton and Stroud sites to bring it in line with many other Colleges and Universities.

The service is being introduced to reduce the number of cars on site and encourage users to consider more environmentally friendly forms of travel, in line with sustainable transport initiatives.

The College is committed to ensuring we have a safe parking environment for learners, staff and visitors. The new service will ensure parking facilities are managed so they are not overloaded beyond capacity, with non-users of the facilities and that responsible parking is adhered to.

Who is parking free for?

SGS College students, staff and pre-registered official visitors on bona-fide college business.

Who is expected to pay?

Any other members of the community outside of those listed above.

How much does it cost to park if I am not a student, staff member or pre-registered official visitor?

  • Up to 1 hour - £ 1.30
  • Up to 2 hours - £ 2.00
  • Up to 3 hours - £ 3.00
  • Up to 4 hours - £ 4.00
  • Up to 5 hours - £ 5.50

If during campus opening times a vehicle is parked for over 5 hours then you must re-register at the Pay & Display machine for the appropriate amount of time over 5 hours.

*Vehicles should not be left on campus after closing and will be subject to a fixed penalty notice in this case.

Are charges applied at all times e.g 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?


How long does a permit last for?

Until the end of the academic year e.g. 31 July 2018.

What if I leave my course or the College staff?

If you leave SGS as a learner or member of staff your e-permit will be cancelled.

How do I make a complaint?

Direct to CPM UK Ltd:
t: 0845 463 5050

Where does the money from the parking go?

As a non-profit making organisation all income received will be reinvested into the College’s facilities and services.

How do I appeal if I am given a ticket?

Direct to CPM UK Ltd:
t: 0845 463 5050

What if I am a short notice official visitor - what do I do to register my vehicle?

If you are on official college business you will need go to Reception, explain your business and sign in (include Reg. No. of vehicle). If your visit is legitimate your vehicle registration number will be logged for a set amount of time appropriate to your visit.

I have a permit, but the car park is full. What do, I do?

Regardless of if you have a permit, all College sites run a first come, first served approach to parking.

What about deliveries?

Delivery vehicles are covered within the twenty minute drop-off time. All deliveries should report to reception and register if on site for more than twenty minutes. Early morning deliveries before 8am should report to the Facilities Assistants via Estates.

Other important information:

Parking should be in designated spaces only and the following restrictions will be enforced:


SGS parking areas will be visited by wardens at regular intervals during the day and warning or penalty notices will be issued to any vehicle not adhering to the above restrictions. Any vehicle actively loading / unloading will be exempt.

20 minutes will be provided for drop-off / pick-up. Any vehicle actively loading / unloading at the time of a warden patrol will be exempt on the basis you check in with Reception on arrival.

Motorcycles are also exempt.