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Join SGS’s campaign to secure fair funding for Colleges

#LoveOurColleges - Fair Funding Campaign

The ‘Love Our Colleges’ campaign has now moved into the second phase with a renewed focus of lobbying the government to boost Further Education funding.

To recap further education colleges like SGS are an essential part of England’s education system. Rooted in local communities, they are crucial in driving social mobility and providing the skills to boost local and regional economies.

We know Colleges like SGS matter – to their students, staff and local communities, but the vital work we do has been overlooked and underfunded.

That is why trade unions, students and colleges are continuing to come together to call for better funding and fair pay.

The Love Our Colleges campaign provides the platform to highlight the brilliant work that goes on at SGS, and the brilliant staff that make it all possible.

So far the campaign has resulted in many positives, some listed below. However there is more work to do if change is going to occur:

  • Colleges Week including the march on parliament, which had extensive and positive media coverage
  • Online petition which garnered over 70,000 signatures and triggered a question to Parliament
  • Parliamentary debate

This recent debate in Parliament attracted a large number of cross party MPs to attend, adamant that changes in funding are needed to support the sector. A transcript of the debate can be viewed using the link below and is well worth taking the time to read through:

How you can you support the Love Our Colleges campaign with SGS College?

If you haven’t already, please use the ‘Love Our Colleges’ logo and hashtag #LoveOurColleges on your email signature and personal social media.

The LoveOurColleges logo can be downloaded at:

or copied from the logo below by either copying & pasting into your signature or by saving the image as a picture then inserting it into your signature.

#LoveOurColleges - Fair Funding Campaign

Post your support of the campaign via social media, retweeting / posting messages from the SGS College Twitter and Facebook sites.

  • Lobby your local MP about the issue of fair funding for Colleges so we can invest in the futures of the local community.
  • Follow @AoC_info on Twitter for the latest social media campaign activities retweeting / posting Love Our Colleges messages.
  • Talk to your employer partners about the campaign and how they can support it.
To achieve the desired outcome is going to take a continued unified effort, both from within the College and the wider community.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make our voices heard again, but is going to take engagement from everyone to ensure the message is strong enough to influence Government policy.